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RATIONALE:  From humble beginnings, Just Eat has been built around one focus: its people. From the restaurant partners pouring heart and soul into their small businesses to the loyal customers craving new food
experiences, to the experts that connect everyone together – every day. 

Growing from an ambitious crew of 15 to a vast team of over 2,500, Just Eat has built a tech-savvy team of specialists. Innovators in their field, are passionate about bringing new food experiences to thousands of people, fast.
These people are here to change the future.

Just Eat is more than a food delivery service, my challenge was to showcase the different roles and how it could be to work at Just Eat.

To start off the project I created a basic sitemap based on what Just Eat had to offer. The pages were: ‘Home’, ‘About Just Eat’, ‘Life at Just Eat’, ‘Early Careers’, ‘Blog’ and ‘Apply for roles’.  

We then had a workshop at their office, bringing everyone from different areas of the company. Through this, we were able to figure out what personas we should target with the help of inputs and the activities we planned. After finding the right audience and pinpointing their needs I could then determent the hierarchy of the content and create a user journey for each of our personas and amend the sitemap before starting doing wireframes. 

We got the opportunity to take some amazing photos of their London office. I wanted to show this off by using them is full width behind the different sections and adding the copy on top in different boxes.

About me

Born in 1991 on a small island called Hälsö
[ˈhɛ̂lːsœ] outside Gothenburg in Sweden. At a younger age, my biggest goal was to become a football player
or artist
. (aim high right?)

My interests in art and sport haven't changed too much, the big difference is I noticed it is a lot more fun to run with the ball in your hand than at your feet.

Throughout the years my interest in tech and coding has grown rapidly and I take every opportunity to combine thoughtful user experience with beautiful interfaces and get to bring them to life!

I hope the next adventure would bring both those worlds together, art and tech.

Hope I hear from you!

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