King Social Media Recruitement


Developers and engineers are hard to attract. Not only did we have to sell King to this picky audience, but we also had to sell Malmö and Stockholm as places to build a career. 



King also looked to generate awareness alongside hires from this shrinking talent pool. We knew a pragmatic data-led strategy was the best way to achieve their goals.



Using programmatic channels and social media, we also expanded our reach to a wider yet more passive audience across 15 countries. 

Once we caught their attention through hyper-targeting, we needed to keep them hooked. 

With a range of artwork distributed via both Facebook and Instagram, we targeted 2 audiences based on the topics ‘job title’ and ‘interests’. 



Through analysing user behaviours alongside website metrics, we discovered that the more pages a candidate viewed, the more likely they were to apply. 

We also tracked how well our programmatic artwork performed, with copy and the visual art acting as our key measures. Through this, we discovered that engaging content is what will keep users involved in the candidate journey. This insight will help decide the creative route for future campaigns. 


About me

Born in 1991 on a small island called Hälsö
[ˈhɛ̂lːsœ] outside Gothenburg in Sweden. At a younger age, my biggest goal was to become a football player
or artist
. (aim high right?)

My interests in art and sport haven't changed too much, the big difference is I noticed it is a lot more fun to run with the ball in your hand than at your feet.

Throughout the years my interest in tech and coding has grown rapidly and I take every opportunity to combine thoughtful user experience with beautiful interfaces and get to bring them to life!

I hope the next adventure would bring both those worlds together, art and tech.

Hope I hear from you!

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