Vodafone Apprenticeship

New brand identity and website for Vodafone Apprenticeship. New graphic profile showing Vodafone’s Apprentice schemes, targeting a younger audience to get the right information and explain what you can do in Vodafone.

After fully understanding the brief and use of the application I found that PowerApps would be a good platform to use. It was connecting with the SharePoint list and documents that I could after make more of a visual presentation in PowerApps. This also would give HR control to upload PDF and documents without having to use PowerApps.

By having 4 sections,

How I learn:
How I Lead:
How I Develop:
How I Hire:

It would be easy to navigate the app,

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About me

Born in 1991 on a small island called Hälsö
[ˈhɛ̂lːsœ] outside Gothenburg in Sweden. At a younger age, my biggest goal was to become a football player
or artist. (aim high right?)

My interests in art and sport haven't changed too much, the big difference is I noticed it is a lot easier to run with the ball in your hand than at your feet.

Throughout the years my interest in tech and coding has grown rapidly and I take every opportunity to combine thoughtful user experience with beautiful interfaces and get to bring them to life!

I hope the next adventure would bring both those worlds together, art and tech.

Hope I hear from you!