Mantrac Used & Rental App

Mantrac needed an new version of the used and rentals machines. A complicated login made it hard for new customers to register. Filter option was hard to use and search some of the UX needed to be changed.

Based on previous data of where the struggle was I began to map out how the app could work, I was trying to keep as much as possible to make sure the deadlines were met.  Pulling in information from API made it easy for me to determent what informations should be shown.

After making sure the user journey was working and the different criteria from the Business Unit were met I continue creating the UI design matching our Mantrac Branding.

Throughout the project, we tested everything on the prototype created in sketch and to keep stakeholders up to speed and in the loop all the time. 


About me

Born in 1991 on a small island called Hälsö [ˈhɛ̂lːsœ] outside Gothenburg in Sweden. At a younger age, my biggest goal was to become a football player or artist. (thanks dad on both points)

The interests in art and sport haven’t changed too much,  but now it is a more digital design and rugby.